Home Automation

Since the release of the Amazon Echo in the UK I decided it was time to start a whole new project, ‘Home Automation’.  Now this can be as simple or as complicated as you like.. I thought I would start simple’ish but I can see this turning into an addiction!

Items purchased so far;
Amazon Echo (for voice control)
NodeMCU (Arduino + wifi type device)
433mhz transmitter and receiver
Magicfly Wireless 433mhz Remote Control Sockets (5 off)
I LumoS Touch 2 Gang 433mhz Light Switch

So, my idea is to start simple.  Amazon Echo command -> IFTTT (If This Then That) website -> Webserver running on NodeMCU to send out 433mhz to switch the lights on and off.

The Echo doesn’t really require an introduction but what I will say is now you can link it to IFTTT, it opens up endless voice controlled possibilities.


ifttt This is a great free site (https://ifttt.com/)  that allows you to create recipes. So it receives a trigger from the Echo, then in turn opens a URL. This url is running on the NodeMCU via dynu.com which is a dynamic free IP forwarding site.

nodemcuThe NodeMCU from what I understand is a bit like an Arduino with a build in wifi. It’s most likely alot more than this but I can program it through the Arduino IDE so it suits my needs.  You do need to add the board into the IDE through the board manager. This isn’t difficult and you can be up and running in minutes.





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